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Hey! you’re engaged!

So. You’re Officially Together.

let’s celebrate!

Congrats on popping the question, getting on a knee, and asking your person to be YOUR person FOREVER. I’ve collected some great tips to make our engagement session the freakin’ BEST.

This is a general guide and some of this may not apply to your specific session, but hey, you've got me wrapped around your finger so if you need anything, holler at me.

Important Note:

The B E S T way to contact me is via email.

You'll likely have my phone number by now, but please refrain from sending text messages other than to communicate about coordinating phone calls (on the day of), or the week leading up to your wedding. I don't want your messages to get lost in the shuffle and email helps me keep things organized between personal & professional life! This doesn't mean you can never reach out, I'm here to help you, but email is the best way to communicate with me!


location, location, location

Choosing the spot is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to your engagement session. Choose wisely so we can get the BEST images possible.

Things to Consider

Somewhere Meaningful: Choosing somewhere meaningful can make your engagement photos that much more special. Where you got engaged, your first or favorite date spot or where you took your first trip together can be really intimate and capture you as you are.

Somewhere Hip: These are “Instagram & Pinterest Mecca”. These spots are usually super cool, gorgeous, photograph well and have a unique background or element to them. This is really fun (and I fully support you in this choice). However, because these places are really popular, they can be really, really, crowded. I definitely recommend photographing on a week day or at sunrise if these locations are important. Weekends can be a huge problem in getting the shots we want (more on that later).

Somewhere Epic: Epic usually means hiking or physical activity and that usually means sweating. So depending on where and how far we go, be prepared with deodorant or possibly be ready to change into your outfit once we hit the top. Bring cute clothes & functional clothes. If you’re getting wet, you’ll definitely want to have something warm.

The sky’s the limit. I’ve done sessions at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Disneyland, Norway & Iceland, Joshua Tree National Park & many other National Parks. I’m always open to exploring new places & finding some incredible spaces.


 outfits, accessories & fashion

Alright. Let’s make sure you look like freakin’ models.

Things to Consider

Bring a Sweater: Seriously, bring something to keep warm: A blanket to cozy up in, sleeping bags, scarves, etc. Depending on where your session is the weather could turn quite quickly. Be prepared with something to keep warm if/when the sun goes down. Bring something cute that coordinates with your outfits that will also be multi-functional.

Coordinate, Don’t Match: Think of a color palette. These are complimentary colors, but they don’t necessarily match. You don’t want to BOTH be in chambray/denim jackets and black jeans, that’s matching. You might want to consider one person in a denim jacket the other in a black leather jacket, that’s coordinating.

 Two Outfits are Better than One: When in doubt, bring two. Bring something kinda dressy and something more comfy, casual and is totally “you”. I’m the queen of denim jackets, booties and all black. Be yourself & your best self.





Portraits are awesome, epic, fun, silly, and romantic. Let's take a TON of them! These are arguably the most important photos from this day, so let's make sure to schedule ample time for them.

Things to Do & Consider

Lighting & Sunset: I like to get as many portraits done as possible! These are some of the most important memories you'll have. Portraits often happen at two different times of the day: Full Daylight and Sunset or Golden Hour. For portraits during the day, full shade or full sun are ideal. We don't want you looking splotchy in the uneven shade beneath trees!

Sunset & Golden Hour portraits are always a great idea! Golden Hour happens at different times depending on the venue, mountains, buildings & other structures and landscapes can impact the time of the sunset. You can Google sunset on your wedding day and in your city! This time represents "True Sunset" or the moment the sun dips behind the horizon. Unless we're shooting on the coast, we should go out 30-45 minutes prior to True Sunset and take our portraits.

Props: "Thank You" signs for a photo to send along with your thank you cards, your bouquet and veil!