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I know you guys have a LOT of burning questions. So here's a space I created to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question but don't see it on the list, shoot me an email! Ask me anything!

I'm an open book!



Traditional wedding coverage starts at $2900

Elopements start at $1800



Were you named after Aspen, Colorado or an Aspen Tree?

Neither actually! My parents didn't know what to name me when I was born. My dad called 411 to order Take-Out and the operator's screen name (her fake name) was Aspen! He liked it, told my mom and boom. I was named. So, no. Unfortunately, I have no connection to either the tree or the city.

where are you actually located?

I currently live in Northern California, the Bay Area to be exact! I'm absolutely in love with the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest as a whole which is why I market myself there. I travel there almost every month, lived there for almost 3 years and know the area very well. My long term goal is to permanently relocate to Seattle. I consider myself a West Coast wedding photographer. I love the desert and cacti of Joshua Tree, the rocky coast of Northern California, the woods & forest of Tahoe and the incredible scenery of the PNW. I want it all!

what else should we know about you?

I love camping & campfire smells. If you're having an adventurous wedding please let me know because I'd love to be right there with you!

I honestly LOVE what I do. I know I'm so blessed to be able to do what I do. You guys are the most important thing to me throughout your whole day. I want to make sure you get to spend time together and just soak everything in. This is such a special time and I'm honored that you would invite me to be by your side. I'd love to support you and encourage you and talk with you and be friends with you from start to finish.



Process & Planning

Can we have the raw (unedited) images?

I do not deliver RAW files or unedited images to my clients. One of the reasons you hired me is for my style and post-production work. Trust me to provide the best of the best of your wedding photos!

How many photos do we actually get?

ALL OF THEM. In your online gallery you'll receive all of the best images from the day. I don't edit or deliver the blurry, out-of-focus, blinking, people-eating, or unflattering photos. My style is comprised of  lifestyle & photo-journalistic elements so you'll get lots of action shots & candids, but only the best! This typically yields anywhere from 400-800 images depending on how long I'm with you through the day.

can we print our photos? share them online?

HECK YES! All packages include a printing rights release! I want you to be able to enjoy and share your photos!

how do we get our images?

I deliver all sessions through an online, digital gallery. When the photos are ready, you'll receive a link that will take you to the gallery where you can download your photos! That being said, PLEASE! Make sure you actually download your photos, don't screenshot them. I pour hours into editing each photo and I want to make sure you get the best quality. So please download & back up your photos!

when will we get our images?

Up to 90 business days, 8-12 weeks usually. This definitely depends on whether your wedding is in high season (summer & fall) or low season (winter). If you've got more questions about this, let me know!

do we need a 2nd shooter? should we have one?

Second shooters are wonderful people. I was one for a long time and absolutely love having them!

That being said, every wedding is different. For elopements & intimate weddings, they're pretty easy for me to capture on my own. These are extremely intimate gatherings and sometimes having two photographers can feel like paparazzi. For large weddings (more than 100 guests) I 110% recommend having a second. Their purpose is to help me capture every element of the day from a different perspective and since we can be at two different places, it helps me focus more in the moment.  If the guys and girls are getting ready at completely separate, drive-to-get-there locations having a 2nd will allow me to stay in one place for longer and to capture more.

what is a 2nd shooter?

A second shooter is another photographer, my other half on your wedding day! I have a list of 2nd shooters I trust; they're extremely capable & talented artists, are easy-going and are some of the most helpful people around. They're my eyes, ears, hands & cameras in another spot! I specifically select a 2nd based on their personality, skills & abilities to ensure that you have everything you need on your wedding day.

we like you! what now?

Email me! Slide into my DMs! Contact me! Say hey!

Let's chat!




Honestly, I'll go just about anywhere! I love traveling, exploring & experiencing new places!

Where have you been before?

Long list, here we go! I've photographed weddings in some and just lifestyle/personal photos in others.

Los Angeles, California

Temeclua, California

Palm Springs & Joshua Tree National Park

Santa Barbara, California

San Francisco, California

Yosemite National Park

Bodega Bay, California

North & South Lake Tahoe, California

Truckee, California

Sacramento, California

Seattle, Washington

Olympic & Rainier National Park

Snohomish, Washington

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South Africa