If I had to pick one, I think I would choose my 35mm! I often will pair my 35mm with my 85mm of 50mm for a wedding.

Do you have any post-processing tips?

While consistency is really important, sometimes you have to tailor your editing to fit a wedding perfectly. And that's ok! Every wedding, every venue, every couple is different. Don't be afraid to trust yourself and adjust your editing accordingly. Just make sure you stay true to your overall style, mind your tones and watch for over-editing!

which presets do you use? Do you sell Your presets?

I currently use custom presets. If you're looking for some recommendations, definitely check out Ben Sasso's Heck Yeah Presets. They're excellent. I don't currently sell my presets, but I've thought about it! Get in touch if you're interested!



How Far do you travel for weddings?

I LOVE to travel. Take me anywhere anytime, I'm there. Needless to say, I'll travel far and wide for weddings, engagements, elopements or couples sessions.

Do you have any tips for someone just starting out?

Yes! Shoot OFTEN. I cannot stress this enough. Kick it into high gear and make it a point to shoot someone (anyone) at least once a week even if it's only for 30 minutes. Try taking your camera with you on a day trip if you usually leave it at home. Do anything to get yourself out there.

Gear list

5D Mark III x 2

Sony A7iii

28mm 1.8

35mm 1.4 L

50mm 1.2 L

85mm 1.2 L

135mm 2.0 L

HoldFast Money Maker

mentor sessions

We're all growing and learning in this amazing industry and I am so happy to share what I've learned with you. Remember, it's a process. Sometimes the answer is: "It just takes time". It's the hardest answer to hear, but it's true.

I want to support you as you pursue your passions. I know how confusing, tricky or tough getting started can be, but just as I've had others help me in my journey, I'm here to help you on yours!

There are a few options for mentor session, so check them out below and get in touch!

Chit chat


This is your opportunity to meet with me and ask me any and all of your questions. We can dive deep into the nitty gritty of marketing, web design, SEO, contracts, or anything else you might need help with for an hour in person or over Skype or FaceTime.



Tag along with me while I shoot an elopement or engagement session. See what I do, learn some tricks, try something out, experiment! You get to shoot with me and after, we'll go to a coffee shop and talk about editing, work flow and post-process!



I'm going to a wedding and you're coming with! Here's an opportunity for you to see what really goes on behind the scenes as a wedding photographer. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes! This may or may not be a shooting opportunity, it depends on the wedding and schedules, but get in touch and we'll make something happen!