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Seattle & California Wedding Photographer

you're officially married

first of all, congratulations!

You've done it. You've planned a wedding, it was amazing, we ate some great food, laughed a LOT, gotten some great shots, and now you get to enjoy marital bliss!

You've likely gotten a few sneak peaks (mostly because I just couldn't wait to show you guys).


g e t t i n g     Y O u r p h o t o s

For most weddings, especially Summer weddings, I take 90 Business Days to deliver your full gallery. I always try to get some kind of teaser photos to you within two weeks of your wedding (sometimes I have back to back weddings, get sick, or have to travel or sometimes just want to take a quick break and recover).

They’re not a guarantee, but I know you’re excited and I’m excited too! I try to make teasers a priority.

Sometimes the backlog is really real, when I have weddings every weekend for two months straight (8 weddings) and they’re all due around the same time, it can get kinda crazy! I work in order of wedding date. If your wedding was August 31st and I had weddings on August 12th, 17th and 24th, they have priority.

If something has happened in your family and you need the photos urgently, if a loved one has passed suddenly for example, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

You. Are. My. Priority. PERIOD.

Your photos will be delivered in an Online Gallery (much like your engagement photos if you had a session). There will be a Download Pin. If you want to show your gallery but don’t want other people downloading the photos without you knowing, don’t share the pin!

On each photo in your gallery, there is a little shopping cart button. You can order prints directly from your gallery and from a Professional Photo Lab! I chose this lab because of their quality, coloring and convenience! I can’t recommend them enough.

Thanks in advance for understanding and for your patience!



I don’t recommend Walgreens or Walmart Photo. Simply put, I haven’t had the best experience getting true colors from their labs and that’s one of the whole reasons I’m here! We want the prints to look like the digital files and choosing the best lab is crucial.


These are some incredibly important memories! Don’t just post them on Facebook or Instagram, get them into your home, over your bed or mantle, in your living room. Show off your love in the places your love was formed and where you’ve built a life together.

Here Places I print My Photos

Gallery Lab (Order Directly from your Gallery via a Lab I specifically work with!) - $$$

Artifact Uprising - $$$

MPix - $ or $$

Costco - $$




S A V i n g y o u r p h o t o s

Download. Save. Store. Upload to the Cloud. Put on a Hard Drive. Use an External Hard Drive.


 I cannot stress enough the importance of saving your photos. I back up all my clients photos to external hard drives (yes, drives, plural!), a cloud based storage platform AND your gallery lives in a cloud. I don’t want to lose your photos and I don’t want you to lose them either. I can store multiple weddings on a 1TB external hard drive all of the edits, the catalog, and the RAW files (aka. a LOT of stuff).

I will save your images for 6 Months after your gallery is delivered.

Tips and Tricks and Where to Save Your Photos

Dropbox (Tons of Files for $5 or $10 per month)

***Amazon’s Cloud (Unlimited Photo Storage free for Prime Members)***

Google Drive (Free!)

***LaCie External Hard Drives (about $100 for 1TB)***