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you're officially married

first of all, congratulations!

You've done it. You've planned a wedding, it was amazing, we ate some great food, laughed a LOT, gotten some great shots, and now you get to enjoy marital bliss!

You've likely gotten a few sneak peaks (mostly because I just couldn't wait to show you guys).


g e t t i n g     r e a d y

6 Hour Packages - Generally covers up to 30 minutes of getting ready

8 Hour Packages - Generally covers 30 minutes to 1 hour of getting ready

Things to Have on hand & Consider

Invitations, jewelry, cuff links, boutonnieres, note to your future spouse, tie or bow tie & socks, his + her shoes, veil, garter(s), flower crown, lipstick, makeup, robes, shot glasses or groomsmen's gifts, other meaningful, fun, or sentimental details

his + her rings and ring box(es)

Order Matters: Typically brides will get their hair done first (to avoid sweating off makeup). Often times we'll do staged photos of getting ready at the very end of our time so you look completely put together & have all your makeup on. More makeup is better for photos! False Eyelashes, the whole 9 yards. If you're wearing a dark lipstick I recommend testing it and making sure it doesn't come off (practice kissing with it) or be prepared to reapply often! If you're looking for a brand that doesn't come off I recommend Lipsense or a Matte with chapstick over top.

Guys in Ties: Guys typically don't take long to get ready...but the process of actually encouraging to have them get into their attire can take a loooooong time. Making sure all the guys have their suits, ties or bow ties, socks & shoes ready can help get the process going!


 C E R E M O N Y  &   R E C E P T I O N

This is the part where you're actually married! Don't forget to sign your marriage license or certificate. Heck. Bring it with you if you want and we'll have you sign it in real time! Make sure to read where to sign carefully

Things to Consider

First Look: Holy Cow. I cannot recommend a First Look enough! I love them. They're great. 10/10. First Looks are such intimate moments that the two of you can share before you're officially married and they're often emotional and so sweet. It's a completely different experience than walking down the aisle and doesn't detract from the significance of that moment at all. This can be a sweet moment to give your person a heartfelt note or gift.

First-Time Officiants: It's so fun to have someone you know marry you! It's important for first-time officiants to practice the ceremony with you and make sure he or she asks you to hold hands during the ceremony! Make sure they have you kiss for the first time as a married couple!

Circular Ceremonies: It's a significant symbol to be literally surrounded by family, friends & the love & support they have for you two. This can be tricky to capture from a photography perspective. 






Portraits are awesome, epic, fun, silly, and romantic. Let's take a TON of them! These are arguably the most important photos from this day, so let's make sure to schedule ample time for them.

Things to Do & Consider

Lighting & Sunset: I like to get as many portraits done as possible! These are some of the most important memories you'll have. Portraits often happen at two different times of the day: Full Daylight and Sunset or Golden Hour. For portraits during the day, full shade or full sun are ideal. We don't want you looking splotchy in the uneven shade beneath trees!

Sunset & Golden Hour portraits are always a great idea! Golden Hour happens at different times depending on the venue, mountains, buildings & other structures and landscapes can impact the time of the sunset. You can Google sunset on your wedding day and in your city! This time represents "True Sunset" or the moment the sun dips behind the horizon. Unless we're shooting on the coast, we should go out 30-45 minutes prior to True Sunset and take our portraits.

Props: "Thank You" signs for a photo to send along with your thank you cards, your bouquet and veil!