Hi, it’s me!

Hey there! I'm Aspen. Thank you so much for taking the time to look around my website. This is a place where I share my passion and the stories I collect along the way. This page is dedicated to yours truly so that you can get to know me a bit. Finding your photographer is like dating, you have to figure out what works for you and know what you want.

So let's go on a quick date, keep reading!

I am a wedding & elopement photographer Servicing the entire

west coast!

I'm a travel junkie and consider myself a geographic butterfly (I move around a lot). Check out my travel schedule here!

I love the cold misty Pacific Northwest weddings and the sunny desert weddings of Los Angeles, Palm Springs & Joshua Tree. I've been all over the world, most recently to Iceland. I'm pretty sure I could eat sushi forever and love a good wheat beer. Oh and an Iced Latte with an extra shot (triple or quad depending on the standards of the shop). I prefer cold and rainy weather to hot and humid and love embarrassing myself by rocking out to songs in my car. I have a weakness for Boy Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Panic at the Disco & Fall Out Boy. I'm also very into thrift stores and am always down for exploring a flea market.


I've been a photographer for about 7 years but have been chasing my dream for the last 3. I love every aspect of what I do. When it comes to photography, my mantra has always been to capture moments as they come. I'll help you get into the mood, get comfortable, and be yourself but from there, it's all you. I want to illustrate your story through the photos we create together. Sometimes, I'll look around a wedding and think, "Wow, this is my job". I get to capture your most precious moments of you being your natural self.  Plus, you're in love! What could be better?!

I'm all about genuine, giddy, giggly, goofy love.

I'm not into replicating someone else's work or poses or outfits. I want your photos to represent you. You and your quirky awkward dance moves, your signature pose and your authentic belly-laugh and smile.

So, if you're into embracing your weirdness, drop me a line. I'm down to get down with you and I'll show a bit of my quirk too.


If your dream day looks like something from A Cinderella Story, I'm probably not the photographer for you. If you're hoping for the deal of the century or most bang for your buck, we probably aren't a good match. If having a photographer is just something to check off your list or to please an In-Law, I don't think we're the best fit. At the end of the day, only you know what you need and what you want.

When we work together, I'm doing more than simply taking your pictures. I'm creating an experience that will make you fall more and more in love with each other and genuinely capture that feeling.

If you love slow, intimate moments, are down to jump a fence or two, love laying under the stars, and are okay with a little spontaneity, we'll be friends in no time. I want to capture the way they look at you when you're not paying attention. I'll be there for the moments we plan and for the ones we don't.

We'll get all the traditional photos the day of your wedding, but ultimately that day is a celebration of you and your love for each other. I want to do more than sneak off for 5 minutes during dinner, I want to take you away and allow and remind you to breathe, enjoy and soak up your day. It goes by more quickly than you realize.

 And honestly, that's why I'm here. Because when you wake up the next day and realize everything was a blur, you'll cherish those moments you took to step away from the party and into the bliss of the moments you had alone together (and I'll be there too).

I am your biggest fan. I love your love for each other.  

So, if after this quick date (refer to the top if you forgot we were on a date), you think "Wow, yes this is so me". Shoot me a message, get in touch, slide into my emails, and let's connect!